Treasures Come and Go

Sometimes exploring is exhausting. The other day I was sitting down to rest my feet and wipe off the grime of traveling. I was very disheveled and exhausted from my rigorous travels in outer space. All of a sudden one of these silly creatures from this world approached me. “Oh you poor man, you look like you could use this”, she said. Then she gave me a most unexpected present. It was a beautiful small shiny object – a real treasure that she just dropped in my hat. I later learned that is mineral was called a “coin”.

I was so overcome with this magnificent gift that I ran to show it to someone nearby. Unfortunately, he liked it so much that he took it. I had given up my treasure; but all was not lost. This generous creature gave me another, and even more interesting, treasure in exchange. It was soft to the touch and smelled utterly fantastic. This round creation with a hole in the middle was called a “donut”, and apparently was a popular kind of food for these silly-creatures.

Just then one of the small furry beasts that inhabit this world, similar to the one I encountered in that first room of outer space, came along to greet me. He seemed friendly enough, so I showed him my treasure. The furry beast grabbed my newly acquired “donut” with his mouth and ran off.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in this bizarre world, it’s that treasures come, and treasures go. Of course this time I ended up with nothing less than I started with. So I didn’t really lose anything, did I?