Traveling Matt’s Wild Ride

Exploring outer space is hard – so hard in fact, that I sometimes wonder if I chose the right job in this life. For instance, today I decided to investigate on of the transportation systems of this world. This transportation system is common among the silly-creatures in areas known as “amusement parks”. At first the ride was so pleasant that I decided to stand-up and enjoy the view. The passengers, including myself, rose high in the sky. They called this rail system a “roller coaster” or “rapid transit”. And I first it wasn’t rapid at all, but after awhile it lived up to its name. Soon our little cart was zipping up and down, and side to side. Many of my fellow travelers were delighted by the ride. Soon we found our trip was coming to an end. Yet I was bewildered to discover that the trip had ended exactly where it started. This transportation system seemed very inefficient to me. I must say that “Rapid transit“ is not for this Fraggle. After the one ride around, I decided to walk everywhere from now one. Although after that ride wild ride, walking does not seem so easy. I never had these kinds of trouble back at Fraggle Rock. This is surely a wild world that these silly-creatures inhabit!