The Giant Doozers of Outer Space

This morning I was walking down a street in this strange world. I turned a corner and there I saw something familiar – Doozers. They have Doozers in this world; these were the biggest and most giant Doozers imaginable. They were building a wonderful and enormous Doozer construction of their own. I’ve been away from Fraggle Rock so long, that just looking at it made me grew so hungry that I couldn’t stand it. I waited until I was alone, and then I prepared myself for a glorious feast. But then I learned something else about this world – the food is terrible! When I bit into this Doozer construction I found it to be as tough as steel and not appetizing at all. Although this adventure is outer space is fun and exciting, I do miss the comforts of Fraggle Rock and the taste of a good Doozer construction.