A Pig Adventure

The strangeness of this world never fails to challenge my resources. Recently I was walking by a place that the silly-creatures call a “farm”. It was a beautiful day; I wanted to study the farm’s inhabitance so I decided to drop in. Upon arrival, I received a touching welcome from a very distinctive creature, and I decided to investigate further. It was a four-legged creature that lived in the mud. He smelled horrible and was filthy. I decided to get a closer study of this creature, so I put on a disguise - and in all modesty, it was brilliant. Even the farmer was completely fooled. However when I went to depart, the farmer stopped me. “Where do you think you’re going, little pig?”, he said, and forced me back into the sty. It seems my disguise worked too well. So it looks like I may be staying here longer than I originally planned. Its always difficult being something you’re not – particularly in the name of science.