The Mouth Burneers

Yes, it is true; there are creatures that are Mouth Burners. These creatures use funny looking tubes to light a fire deep inside their mouths – they call these special tubes “cigarettes” (a larger tube is called a “cigar”). This must be an unpleasant and dangerous practice, but still these bizarre creatures keep lighting their fires. It is obviously very unhealthy for them, and it sometimes causes them, and others around, to cough frequently. I can’t imagine why one would want to become a Mouth Burner, but many silly-creatures are part of this clan. Finally I saw one light a fire that I thought might get out of control. I quickly went into action, and dumped a whole picture of water on their face to extinguish the potential blaze at the end of their funny tube-like smokestack. I expected to be thanked profusely, but the Mouth Burners are an awful bunch. Quick and decisive action – that’s me. Don’t you worry, the enraged, yet saved, Mouth Burner stopped chasing me after several miles.