Shave on Me

Sometimes it gets very hot here in outer space and today I thought I found the perfect spot for a weary Fraggle to have a nice cool rest. I looked around and I was amazed at what I saw. A couple of silly-creatures with hungry buzzing machines were slicing the white fuzz of some defenseless fluffy creatures. And then forcing the creatures out the door with nothing on – they were completely naked. How undignified! I later learned these creatures were called "sheep" and that the silly-creatures do this quite often to them. I tried to interview on of the "sheep". I asked if slicing their fuzz off and roaming nude was the best way to keep cool here; however I received no answer. Then one of the silly-creatures grabbed me and, with his buzzing machine in his hand, he removed my fair locks. Well, I've never been a hothead, and I guess now I never will be.