The Magical Cold Stone

Today is very sad for me. I found a great treasure, but I lost it again. I was strolling about in a place where many of the silly-creatures of this world congregate. When, all of a sudden I saw one of the creatures drop something. I rushed to see what it was and made the most amazing discovery. Inside a brightly colored cup was a cold stone – I mean it just freezing cold. Furthermore, it sparkled like a diamond. Obviously this was a stone of great magic, so I quickly put the cold stone in my pocket and went in search of its true owner. But it was no use, the wizard who had dropped it was nowhere to be found, and eventually I had to give up. But then I went to a quiet corner to examine the wondrous stone again, and I learned the awful truth – somebody had stolen the magic cold stone! All that was left in my pocket was a lot of water. And so I learned that in this world there are strange magical cold stones which cry when they are stolen.