The String Creatures

Today I made contact with a mysterious tribe of beings that I call the “String Creatures”. It’s curious, but right away I was drawn to them. It was almost as if I saw some kind of family resemblance. These small creatures spend their lives attached to strings that join them to the hands of the larger silly-creatures. It is not entirely clear to me why these two creatures would spend their lives attached to each other with string; there surely must be some mutual benefit. The silly-creature leader of this tribe was such a charismatic person, and soon I was won over and under his spell. Soon I found myself initiated into the tribe, as I too now have stings attaching my limbs to the leader of the “String Creatures”. This lifestyle may prove to be a little strange. And somehow I just don’t feel in control anymore. I’ll probably go off on my own again, just as soon as I find a pair of scissors.