The Sidewalk Creatures

I can’t tell you how lonely it is for a Fraggle in the outside world. I’ve been trying to make friends with the creatures here – and believe me, some are strange. I am currently exploring a big city, so I am currently donning an appropriate disguise. It is here that I discovered that strange and sad little animal, the “Sidewalk Creature”. “Sidewalk Creatures” have large heads, and long skinny bodies that appear to be rooted to the ground. They can not move about to gather food. When the grow hungry their faces turn red. Interestingly, the silly-creatures of this world seem to like the “Sidewalk Creatures”. They carry pockets of food for them. But the sad thing is that the silly-creatures sometimes forget about the “Sidewalk Creatures” – so their they stand, starving for hours.

Once I saw a silly-creature drop a bit of “Sidewalk Creature food” on the ground. I picked it up (it somewhat resembled the strange fountain-filling “coins” that I wrote about yesterday). I took the food and fed one of the creatures. It made a grateful sound, and I think I made a friend. I hope so at least, because I get lonely out here. I miss all the Fraggles down at Fraggle Rock.