What a Fountain is For

Today I discovered something very stage, but useful, about this world. As I was walking along I found something that looked just like the Fraggle swimming hole. It was a bowl of water, with more water splashing into it in the middle. I was enjoying the sight when one of the silly-creatures came along and did something very strange. He took a “coin” (which I wrote about earlier; a “coin” is a small and rare mineral that has some strange power over the silly-creatures and is quite peculiar) and after a moment of gazing into the water, he tossed the “coin” in.

As he was walking away, I stopped him and asked the silly-creature why he just did that. “Oh, I don’t know”, he said to me. “Everyone throws money in fountains”. I was delighted! For months now, I have been collecting this stuff that is called “money” but I have never known what to do with it. Now, at last, I know – you throw it into fountains. I must have dumped seven- or eight-hundred “coins” into this fountain already, and I keep gathering more! I certainly am starting to find my way around this strange world at last.