Rainbow Farms

If you look below you’ll see a picture of a wondrous object – a rainbow. I was walking down a wondrous road when I saw a sign; it said “Rainbow Farms”. I was so excited, “so this is where they grow the rainbows”, I thought to myself. I have seen these beautiful objects in the sky before, but now I know where they come from. I decided to ventured in and see the rainbows. The farm looked like a normal silly-creature farm (I know, because I had visited one a few weeks ago). Pretty soon I found what I was looking for - a rainbow egg! At first it looked like a regular chicken egg, but knowing this was a rainbow farm, I know this was a rainbow egg. I decided that I was going to watch the actual birth of a rainbow. I sat myself down and I waited - and waited, and waited. Yet, unfortunately I fell asleep. When I woke up, I found that the egg had already hatched. I looked out the window, and there arching over the sky was the rainbow. Oh how quickly they grow up.